(Approved Jan.5, 1999)


The Glade Valley Athletic Association (hereinafter GVAA) hereby establishes rules of conduct for athletes, Coaches/Managers, parents and guests.


We firmly state that our program is created, structured, and supported for the purpose of aiding the development of girls and boys into young adults, through the enjoyment of sports.  We believe that teaching a child the fundamentals of good sportsmanship and how to win and lose is necessary for a child’s growth and development.


GVAA abides by the rules and regulations of the Frederick County Public School System, The Town of Walkersville and the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company.


Rules and regulations from each sport must be reviewed and approved by GVAA’s Executive Board.  No individual sport rules and regulations can conflict with the general rules and regulations of GVAA.  A copy shall be maintained in the custody of the Grievance Committee representatives to be used as a reference in the resolution process.


It is expected that Sports Commissioners/Coordinators hold a meeting of their Coaches/Managers before their season to review rules and regulations and to share coaching expectations, techniques, and expertise in an effort to be more consistent in general philosophy.


1.                  Athletes must remain in their designated area during sporting events (practices, pre-game, during and post game), unless granted permission by their Coaches/Managers.

2.                  Only rostered Coach/Managers, staff and athletes may sit on the bench or in the player-designated area.

3.                  Athletes will be expected to enthusiastically support their own teammates, and exhibit good sportsmanship toward teammates, as well as the opposing team, throughout the sporting event (practices, pre-game, during, and post game).

4.                  Athletes will shake hands with opposing team at the conclusion of the game.

5.                  An athlete may not dispute an official’s call.  All inquires shall be handled by the Coach/Manager.

6.                  No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated.

7.                  Athletes are responsible for the care and safeguard of all uniforms, equipment, and facilities that they use.

8.                  Throwing of equipment is prohibited; the replacement costs of broken equipment will be the responsibility of the player’s family.

9.                  Athletes must wear clean, complete uniforms.

10.              Athletes are expected to attend all practices and games.  A telephone call, in advance, to the Coach/Manager is required if he/she cannot attend.

11.              Any athlete ejected from a game will automatically serve a one game suspension to be served during the next regularly scheduled game that he/she would attend.  This suspension will be served in uniform, on the team bench, with no participation in team warm-ups or game.

12.              When a school suspension/expulsion occurs, GVAA will enforce that suspension/expulsion by prohibiting that child from participation in GVAA sporting events.  This is not a grievable situation.

13.              The use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products before, during, or after a GVAA event/practice is strictly prohibited.

14.              The athlete’s Coach/Manager will take disciplinary action if rules and regulations are not followed.  The disciplinary action taken will be based upon the severity of the infraction and may ultimately include game suspension(s) or expulsion from GVAA.


The Coach/Manager of the team has a special responsibility.  The Coach/Manager must understand the game and rules of the sport, the age group of the youth team and the parents of the team players.  The Coach/Manager is expected to be a teacher, an inspirational leader and an example to our youth. For this reason, the following conduct is required from all Coaches/Managers.


1.                  Foul/ abusive language is strictly prohibited.

2.                  The use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products before, during, or after a GVAA event/practice is strictly prohibited.

3.                  Coaches/Managers may question an officials’ rule interpretation but verbal/physical abuse will not be tolerated.

4.                  Coaches/Managers will endeavor to develop each player to his/her maximum potential at practices and/or games.

5.                  Coaches/Managers shall guide and manage their players by praise and positive attitudes.

6.                  Verbal and/or physical abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

7.                  Coaches/Managers are responsible for the management of their teams.

8.                  Coaches/Managers are responsible for the care and safety of the players before, during and after each scheduled activity.

9.                  The Coach/Manager is responsible for his/her own behavior and bears final responsibility for the behavior of players, parents and guests.

10.              Coaches/Managers shall collect and inventory all team uniforms & equipment at the end of the season and return them to the Sport Coordinator.

11.              Coaches/Managers will shake hands and exhibit good sportsmanship toward the opposing team at the conclusion of the game.  Failure to do so will result in a one game suspension.

12.              Any Coach/Manager ejected from a game will serve a one game suspension, to be served during the next regularly scheduled game that he/she would attend, with no participation or attendance.

13.              The Sports Coordinator/Commissioner will take disciplinary action if rules and regulations are not followed. The disciplinary action taken will be based upon the severity of the infraction and may ultimately include game suspension(s) or expulsion from GVAA.


We all realize that it is virtually impossible not to be involved in an athletic event in which your child is playing.  We therefore ask you to direct your energy in support of the team and refrain from criticizing the players (including your own child).  Mistakes are inevitable, and seldom does the spectator feel as badly about the error as the child who made the error.


Positive parental participation and support is extremely important to a successful Athletic Association.  To ensure the continuing success of GVAA, we expect parental support in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, the handling of concessions, fundraising, crowd control, field maintenance and the like.


Parents are responsible to see that their child/children attend practices and games and are picked up within a reasonable time set up by the Coach/Manager.  A telephone call, in advance, to the Coach/Manager is required if your child/children cannot attend practice and/or games.


Parents are responsible for their behavior as well as the behavior of their guests.  Good sportsmanship for sports fans includes developing a knowledge of the game, an attitude of fairness toward the other team, and an understanding of the difficulties facing the officials and Coaches/Managers.  For these reasons, the following actions will not be tolerated.


1.                  Poor sportsmanship, including displays of temper, attempts to engage in confrontation tactics, loud and abusive comments, or foul language directed toward either team or sideline.

2.                  Verbal abuse directed toward the officials and/or Coaches/Managers.

3.                  Physical abuse of any party, either on or off the field.

4.                  Entry onto the field of play at any time without the express permission of the official, coach or manager.


The following actions are expected:


We require our Coaches/Managers and players to refrain from the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco products before, during, and after a GVAA sporting event.  We expect our parents to do the same.


The Coach/Manager will take disciplinary action if the rules and regulations are not followed.  The disciplinary action taken will be based upon the severity of the infraction and ultimately include game suspension(s) or expulsion from GVAA



A Grievance Committee will be established for resolving issues of conflict, which may occur within the Association.


The Grievance Committee shall consist of three ruling representatives and one alternate representative as stipulated in the GVAA By-laws.

1.                  The Vice-President of GVAA’s Executive Board.  This individual will also serve as the chairman of the Grievance Committee.

2.                  The Sports Commissioner or designated sport committee member.

3.                  A Member at Large appointed by the GVAA President.

4.                  An alternate Member at Large appointed by the GVAA President.


Any member may be disciplined for failure to comply with these rules and regulations as well as any established authority or regulations endorsed by GVAA (i.e. Babe Ruth, Frederick County Youth Soccer Association etc.).  Any member of GVAA may bring charges against a Coach/Manager, player, parent or guest for any instance of unsporting behavior.  In order for an appeal to be heard, signed written charges must be filed with the GVAA Grievance Chair (see procedures) indicating the specific, alleged violation as well as where and when the alleged violation occurred.


The Grievance Committee Chair will be in charge of handling meeting procedures.


Any GVAA member may file a grievance action.  Resolution to the issue of concern should be attempted first through the following:  (1.) Team Coach/Manager, (2.) Sport Coordinator, (3.) Sport Commissioner, (4.) Sport Committee, (5.) Grievance Committee


In the event a grievance is filed with the Grievance Committee, the Chairperson must receive written request within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the sport’s season in which the grievable offense occurred.  The Chair will then call a meeting within a reasonable amount of time, depending upon the severity or urgency of the situation.


A member charged with any violation shall have the right to be heard in person or by written statement made in their defense before the Grievance Committee.  Such a right shall be afforded prior to the imposition of any long –term disciplinary action.  Each violation shall be treated separately.


All decisions made by the Grievance Committee will be final.  There will be no further appeals to the Grievance Committee’s decision.