The Grievance Committee Chair will be in charge of handling meeting procedures.

Any GVAA member may file a grievance action, when there has been an incident between themself and another GVAA member that they have been unable to resolve.  Resolution to the issue of concern should be attempted first through the following:  (1.) Team Coach/Manager, (2.) Sport Coordinator, (3.) Sport Commissioner, (4.) Sport Committee, (5.) Grievance Committee

In the event a grievance is filed with the Grievance Committee, the Chairperson must receive written request via the Grievance Assistance Form within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the sport’s season in which the grievable offense occurred. Information will be gathered and the Chair will then call a meeting within a reasonable amount of time, depending upon the severity or urgency of the situation.

A member charged with any violation shall have the right to be heard in person or by written statement made in their defense before the Grievance Committee.  Such a right shall be afforded prior to the imposition of any action.  Each violation shall be treated separately.

All decisions made by the Grievance Committee will be final.  There will be no further appeals to the Grievance Committee’s decision..


A Grievance Committee will be established for resolving issues of conflict, which may occur within the Association.


The Grievance Committee shall consist of three ruling representatives and one alternate representative as stipulated in the GVAA By-laws.

1.                  The Vice-President of GVAA’s Executive Board.  This individual will also serve as the chairman of the Grievance Committee.

2.                  The Sports Commissioner or designated sport committee member.

3.                  A Member at Large appointed by the GVAA President.

4.                  An alternate Member at Large appointed by the GVAA President.

Link to access the Grievance Assistance Form: gvaa grievance assistance request.pdf