As a non profit organization we rely on volunteers to do all of the work.  We are always in need of family members willing to take time to coach a sport, be a team parent, assist with concessions, sit on the sports or GVAA board, and many other opportunities.  If you would like more information please contact the individual sports commissioners or


In order to ensure the safety of the children in our care, all coaches and volunteers candidates must complete a background check. You complete the background check by following the link below. The results will be forwarded to the President and/or Vice President. If there are any issues you will be contacted directly. Please find our detailed policy as well as the link below.

GVAA Background Check




In order to preserve the safety and well-being of youth participating in sports sponsored by the Glade Valley Athletic Association, the Association hereby adopts the following policy requiring background screening for all youth athletic coaches.


Background checks are mandatory for all youth athletic head coaches and assistant coaches. Beginning with the fall 2009 season, all such coaches will be required to undergo a criminal background check prior to coaching.

All coaches will be required to sign a written Consent/Release form allowing the Glade Valley Athletic Association to order an individual background check. All completed and signed authorization forms must be turned in to the Sport’s Commissioner no later than the designated due date. Failure to provide an authorization form by the deadline will automatically disqualify the volunteer from coaching in the league for that season.

Background Screening Process

Within 5-7 days, the Glade Valley Athletic Association will receive a completed Volunteer Profile which will include all relevant information from the individual criminal back ground check. If no criminal record is found, this will be noted, along with the jurisdictions that were searched. If conviction(s) are found, all details including charges, court disposition(s), and sentencing will be provided. If the Volunteer Profile includes any of the disqualifications listed below, Glade Valley Athletic Association will be immediately notified via telephone that the volunteer has been disqualified. Any such disqualified volunteer will not be allowed any further participation in the sports programs sponsored by the Glade Valley Athletic Association, subject only to a reversal by the appeals process described below.

Handling of Information

The President and Vice President of the Glade Valley Athletic Association will administer the process of background checks. The officers will be responsible for providing and receiving Consent/Release forms to and from the individual sport’s commissioners, delivering all forms to the contracted background check professionals and reviewing all information received. All information received as a result of screening will be kept confidential. Negative results will not be disclosed to anyone other than the officers and the applicant (or, as described below, the appeal sub-committee). The officers of the Executive Board will provide the commissioners of the relevant sport a list of qualified coaches.   Should information be found that would prevent a volunteer from coaching, the officers of the Executive Board will issue written notice to the volunteer in a confidential manner. Disqualified individuals will receive written notification informing the individual of his/her disqualification and providing information on how to dispute the results of the profile and his/her right to appeal. The volunteer is responsible for taking appropriate action to have the results of the criminal check report corrected if they believe information was reported in error.

The Executive officers are also responsible for securing the written results of the criminal background checks in a safe and secure location, and keeping them for the time period required by law, or three years, whichever is greater.


A person will be disqualified and prohibited from serving as a volunteer for GVAA if he/she has been found guilty of the following crimes. Guilty means the individual was found guilty following a trial, entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, entered a no contest plea accompanied by court’s finding of guilty, regardless of whether there was an adjudication of guilt (conviction) or a withholding of guilt or the record has been expunged. This policy does not apply if criminal charges resulted in acquittal or dismissal.

1. All sexual offenses, regardless of the amount of time since the offense. Examples include, but are not limited to:

o Child molestation, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sodomy, prostitution, solicitation, indecent


2. All felonies that constitute offenses against the person, regardless of the amount of time since the offense.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

o Murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated burglary.

3. Any crimes involving children, regardless of the amount of time since the offense.

4. All offenses other than those against the person or sexual within the past 10 years. Examples include, but are not

limited to:

o Drug offenses, theft, embezzlement, fraud.

5. All misdemeanors that constitute offenses against the person within the past 7 years.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

o Simple assault, battery, domestic violence, hit & run.

6. All misdemeanor drug and alcohol offenses within the past 5 years or multiple of such offenses in the past 10

years. Examples include, but are not limited to:

o Driving under the influence, simple drug possession, drunk and disorderly, public intoxication, possession

of drug paraphernalia.

7. Any other misdemeanor with the past 5 years that could be considered a potential danger to children or is directly

related to the functions of the applicant. An example of this is theft, if the person is handling money.

In addition, applicants will be disqualified if they have:

8. Been adjudged liable for civil penalties or damages involving sexual or physical abuse of children.

9. Been subject to any court order involving sexual abuse or physical abuse of a minor, including but not limited to a

domestic order or protection.

10. Had their parental rights terminated.

For offenses listed in numbers 4-7, prior to the time period noted, the staff may consider accepting the applicant on a case by case basis. Careful consideration will be given to the nature of the offense, the rehabilitation of the individual, and the offense as it relates to the position being applied for and the potential risk to children.

Should the background check indicate that a volunteer has criminal charges of any nature pending; the volunteer will be considered on a case by case basis and may be disqualified pending resolution of the charges. Should an approved volunteer subsequently have any criminal charges brought against him/her during their coaching tenure, they will be required to disclose the nature of the charges to the President of the Association and voluntarily terminate their coaching duties until a determination is made regarding the effect of the pending charges on the volunteer’s functions within the relevant sport.

Appeal Process

Any disqualified individual may request an interview/review by the GVAA Executive Board to dispute the result of the background check. The vote of the board regarding the appeal will be final.

To appeal a decision, a person must file a notice of appeal. The notice of appeal must be sent to the President of the Glade Valley Athletic Association within 30 days of receiving notification of disqualification.

In order for the notice of appeal to be accepted, it must include:

1. The full name and address of the appellant.

2. The name of the person, if any, making the request for an appeal on behalf of the appellant (e.g. lawyer or spokesperson)

3. The address of the person making the request on behalf of the appellant.

4. The ground for the appeal (provide a detailed explanation of the appellant’s objections to the decision; describe additional facts or factual errors in the decision.)

5. The particulars relevant to the appeal (describe any background facts that relate to the appeal including how you are affected by the decision.)

6. A description of the relief requested (what you want the Board to do at the end of the appeal.)

7. The signature of the appellant or the appellant’s representative.